13 Reasons Why Companies Should Work With Influencers

13 reasons why companies should work with influencers

Hey…it’s Manuel. Manuel Schuster.

LOL no, a tape recording isn’t about to start playing, but I DO have an article that’s just as intriguing as the hit show. I have 13 reasons why companies should work with influencers, and it’s because I see so much potential in them. I know I’m not alone when I say the value of influencers has done nothing but skyrocket in the past few years, and that’s because the digital age is larger than life. It’s high time companies start working with influencers.

Everything is practically online now, and these digital influencers know exactly what they’re doing to monetize their presence. But the question is, are the companies missing out on something big? The answer is yes, and to prove my point (because man, do I love proving a point) I’ve put together 13 reasons why companies should work with influencers. You ready?

1Influencers create the content for you

13 reasons why companies should work with influencers
There’s nothing an influencer does better than create incredible content! They are made for producing content that people love to eat up. Companies should work with influencers because content is the main driver for all your sales. Big brands would be crazy not to collaborate, and yet so many companies don’t see the beauty in a collaboration. Companies should work with influencers. They should jump at an opportunity to work with influencers because of three important points, namely: 1.) They’re good at what they do! This means 2.) They know what they’re doing, which means 3.) They know what they’re talking about! And if someone is making a lot of sense, people will appreciate that.

2Influencers have authority

13 reasons why companies should work with influencers
Because influencers have a rep for being honest and unbiased (most of the time), they’re viewed as one of the most trusted sources when it comes to products and services people want to avail. Companies should work with influencers that know how to stand firm. Their word is a seal of approval — if they enjoy your product, you can expect to get a lot of positive reviews from them and you can bet your ass that their followers will be quick to take a chance on you.

3Influencers generate sales

13 reasons why companies should work with influencers
One main reason influencers are so marketable: their brand is something the public trusts. They have such a huge presence in the market because they deliver on what the public expects from them: honest opinions.If you make a well-loved and trustworthy influencer the face of your campaign, you will generate sales. The moment an influencer starts talking about you and your brand and how great your products are is the moment you start generating leads, which in turn translates to sales! Pick an influencer whose market is perfect for yours and sit back and watch the numbers rise.

4The collaboration is value for your money

13 reasons why companies should work with influencers
You don’t have to shell out millions on a celebrity just to boost your sales. What I like to remind people who ask for business advice is to never spend money you don’t have on things you don’t need. When I say this, I mean you really have to think about what you can afford to spend on. Sure, a celebrity would be great to work with, but influencers can get the job done for you just as well and for a much friendlier price!

5Influencers build brand awareness

13 reasons why companies should work with influencers
Once an influencer starts building a relationship with followers on your behalf, more and more people will discover your brand. Because they trust the influencer and are curious about what you do, this will generate a lot of buzz on your end. It’s time for you to monetize on this opportunity! Do promos and sales! Make your website and digital marketing look good. Now that you have them hooked, it’s time to reel them in!

6Influencers are as real as it can get

13 reasons why companies should work with influencers
The beauty of working with influencers is that they don’t come with the baggage that celebrities do. People don’t view them as someone who is doing it for the money. They receive more genuine likes and attention because they are known for keeping it as real and as honest for their followers—the average joes that DON’T have thousands to spend and who want to make affordable and practical life decisions.

7Influencers improve your search ranking

13 reasons why companies should work with influencers
Believe me when I say that a good influencer is someone that can get you on the map. One of the most important things to consider is page views! If your partner influencer makes good on their end of the bargain, they’ll promote the shit out of you. Once that takes off, their followers will want to know more about you and what your company can do for them. They’ll start to search, search, search. Once that happens, your ranking goes up! This is where marketing and SEO come in. Make sure you use all the right keywords to get you on the top!

8Influencers are traffic drivers

13 reasons why companies should work with influencers
These influencers know how to start a conversation and bring in that much-needed attention to your page. The more buzz they generate for you, the more page views and search engine hits you get. Make sure you have content and a website worth landing on! Might I suggest working with a great web designer? It’s worth the pretty penny.

9Influencers engage and reach new audiences

13 reasons why companies should work with influencers
Influencers bring in new audiences. You’d be surprised at the growth you’ll experience when you partner up with an influencer that comes from the digital world. With their experience and network, your company is sure to be connected to a brand new world filled with fresh audiences and market space.

10Influencers are conversation starters

13 reasons why companies should work with influencers
Okay, they aren’t just good at churning out great content, they’re good at communicating too. They know how to speak to your audiences – old and new- in their generation’s language. Your company can’t be the one praising all your services and products and hard work because it can seem a little douchey. When you have an influencer praising you and building a relationship with your customers, likeability and interest shoot up faster AND you can end up taking the more humble approach.

11Influencers build trust and relationships

13 reasons why companies should work with influencers
It’s a no-brainer that influencers have successfully built strong relationships with their followers. Over the years, their following has learned to trust them and their opinion on things. Partnering with an influencer gives you access to the relationships they have. Be smart about it and maximize the chance to influence their followers directly. Tapping the resources of one influencer can open the door to a lot of valuable connections. Make the most out of your collaborations!

12Influencers grow your follower base

13 reasons why companies should work with influencers
When it comes to partnerships, everyone is on equal footing. Whatever followers they have, it’s safe to assume that most of them will wander over to your side of the fence and see what you can do for them. There’s a great chance of them being interested and following your company as well. The challenge? Keep them loyal! Keep creating content that makes them want to follow you in the long run.

13Influencers provide creative direction

13 reasons why companies should work with influencers
Companies should work with influencers because they can see things from an angle you can’t. You never have to worry about running out of creative ideas to keep the public hooked, because influencers are gifted with a lot of creative energy. Need a little help in the rebranding department? Want some fresh insight on how to launch a killer campaign? They’ve got you covered. Leave it to them to provide you with the advice and creative direction you need to better cater to the market and improve your brand.

See? No dead body over here, just a load of awesome facts I hope help you realize why companies should work with influencers! If you were happy with this article and you’re interested in discovering related content, I’d love having you go through some of my other work. Tschüss!

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