What are Influencers?

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What are influencers? I think by now it’s safe to assume that everyone has heard of the word “Influencer” – but I’m willing to bet that only a few people really know what it means. There are a lot of articles out there that talk about Influencers and what they do. Most of the time, you’ll find a bunch of articles that compare bloggers to Influencers, which is pretty funny considering those two are one and the same. It’s like writing an article entitled “Fruits vs Bananas”, or the differences between baked potatoes and fried ones.

Not knowing how to determine what an Influencer is or does is usually a common misconception that a lot of people share. Lucky for you, this article is here to fix that. A lot of people think that Influencers are high profile social media personalities with near perfect feeds and out of this world follower count, but almost anyone can have that! In fact, anyone can be an Influencer – just with a lower following. Yes, I’m looking at you. Influencers can be found everywhere, especially now that we’ve entered the digital age.

So, what are influencers?

What are influencers? In this digital age, it’s hard not being able to stream YouTube videos or look through our Instagram feed throughout the day. It’s no exaggeration when I say the world has been taken over by the Internet. It’s a powerful tool that does more influencing than entertainment. Who and how you ask? Easy. They’re called digital influencers, and they’re here to take over the world, one cleverly executed marketing strategy at a time.

How to Spot a digital influencer?

For the most part, you have the Bloggers, the Youtubers, Instagrammer, as well as Tweeter. These are the guys that are always in the public eye, those who make a living by being, well, visible.

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They attract the right kind of attention and are the faces to some of the most popular products. Their articles and videos aren’t hard to miss – scroll through your timeline or feed and you’d find them in a snap of a finger.

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Identifying digital influencers

A digital influencer is defined by a high network size and persuasive power. Through their clever marketing initiatives, they can trigger a surge of communication and reactions which is great publicity for their personal brand, as well as the brands and products they work with. After all, most consumers are actively seeking tried and tested testimonials from experts and popular online personalities on the web before deciding whether or not they want to buy a particular product.

To put it simply, a digital influencer is:

  • Someone who’s active online + has a strong following.
  • Individuals who have the drive and passion.
  • Influencers who know their industry.
  • Individuals who know exactly how to market themselves.
  • Influencers exercise complete control of their platform and can impact thousands

Tapping the right kind of digital influencer for the right kind of market can take your business to new heights. And if you’re on this page because you want to be an Influencer yourself, all you have to do is find the right kind of voice that suits you.

How do you know if an influencer is good?

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In brief, you’ll find that the world is filled with all sorts of digital influencers out there, but not everyone is as good. Good influencers know how to play their game and know exactly when and how to strike. For someone to be recognized, it takes more than sheer passion. It takes talent. Influencers are characterized by the high traffic their social media platforms rake in, apart from regular interaction with followers.

While it’s easy to cheat the numbers by relying on apps that generate them for a price, there’s a way of being able to gauge if someone’s as influential as you think. One way is by looking at the number of shares, downloads, and how active the comment section is. Having an active interaction is on the top of every influencer’s list. Good content is bound to catch some attention; having content that’s good enough to be shared and talked about is everything.

Because of their reach and ability to create valuable content, influencers are an asset to many marketing campaigns with different objectives. It’s no wonder that brands want to work with them! Check out more reasons why companies should work with influencers.

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