Remote Jobs For Digital Nomads

remote jobs for digital nomads

Hate to break it to you, but your future employers in your life as a digital nomad couldn’t give less of a shit about what degree you have and where you earned it.

I should clarify—I’m not saying that a degree is useless, far from it. What I am saying is that in the modern working world, your degree doesn’t dictate your career path. A degree has become something of a baseline, a mere tick in a box. This is especially true when landing remote jobs as a digital nomad! How many people have you encountered studied some fancy degree but ended up working in a totally different field?

As an employer myself, I’ve long stopped seeking for this when looking at a CV of an applicant. So what do I look for? Attitude, personality, creativity, commitment, and versatility. In my books, these attributes are far more valuable than a completed degree in David Beckham Studies (legit, there is a degree in David Beckham Studies) or any other degree.

Thanks to the digital age, our career pathways are limitless. Remote jobs open up a whole new world, and with online learning platforms, you can become whatever you damn well like. I can’t reiterate it enough, your current skill set does not determine your ability to become a digital nomad. It’s far too easy now to just learn things on YouTube or consult good ole Google about everything.

Here is my list of remote jobs that you can learn and develop exclusively online. Get growing, get earning, and get into digital nomading!


remote jobs for digital nomads

Legit one of the most popular among the digital nomad jobs listed here! This is a great way to earn your stripes while establishing your online presence. If you have a good vocabulary behind you and can get fingers to keys, then you will be a valuable asset to businesses in every sector. From presentations to promo materials, someone has gotta write that shit!

Where to learn this: Copyblogger, Freelance To Win, Kopywriting Kourse

2Content Writer or Ghostwriter

remote jobs for digital nomads

Take one minute now to scroll through your newsfeed. How many friends’ posts do you see? How many articles do you see? Again, someone’s gotta write that shit and make sure it’s worthy of a share! From e-books to blogs, from product descriptions to website blurbs, if you can create engaging and share-worthy content, then being a content writer or a ghostwriter is right up your alley!

Where to learn this: Writers Online Workshops, Writers Bureau

3Proofreader or Editor

remote jobs for digital nomads

Do you have dysgrammatophobia? Although I’m fairly convinced this is a bullshit term, it’s the fear of bad grammar. A proofreader focuses almost exclusively on the syntax, spelling, and grammar while an editor fact-checks, too. I’ve found these lines have been blurred, and clients are actually looking for someone who can do both for the price of one!

Where to learn this: Universal Class, Writers Bureau, The Writing Center

4Online Language Teacher

remote jobs for digital nomads

Who would have thought that you’d become a teacher when you hated school ages ago? Being an online teacher is a great way to use your skills and earn big bucks. If you are a native or a nearly native English speaker, or if you speak any other language besides English, then now is a great time to be alive as you teach your language through online schools.

Where to learn this: Udemy, Teach English Online, Teaching ESL Online


remote jobs for digital nomads

Sticking with the language theme, are you bilingual? If you have examples of your work and can prove that you are in fact bilingual, or multilingual, then this is a great service to offer clients.

Where to learn this: Translate Media, Fluent In 3 Months, One Hour Translation


remote jobs for digital nomads

Can you type quickly, like really quickly? More importantly, can you type accurately? Transcribing is for you! This is a really varied field of work. From lawyers to doctors, from TV crews to market researchers, it’s tricky to think of an industry that won’t benefit from having a transcriber on board. Err, farming perhaps?

Where to learn this: Freelance.Ph, WAHM


remote jobs for digital nomads

Can you Google the shit outta anything? A researcher is another cool and varied digital nomad job. Gathering information and selecting what sections of the information are of value to the client are all part of the service. Great for your pub quiz knowledge, too!

Where to learn this: CV Tips, Chron, SlideShare

8Data Analyst

remote jobs for digital nomads

A researcher for numbers, in dead simple terms. But, to be fair, a data analyst is more than that. As a data analyst, you need to be able to translate data into simple terms for your client and offer your professional insights and opinions, so that they can make the right business decision based on your findings.

Where to learn this: Springboard, Lynda, Coursera

9Social Media Manager

remote jobs for digital nomads

The content on your newsfeed doesn’t just magic itself there. Social media rules our world, and with so much going on, not everyone can keep up. A social media manager will create engaging content for brands to sell products and services, build followers, and strategize social media marketing avenues.

Where to learn this: DS106, Coursera, Alison

10Online Marketing Manager

remote jobs for digital nomads

Ah, the multitasker! An online marketing manager is an all-around marketing guru for everything digital. Website management, ads placement, and social media management are all under this person’s wing. Usually, this person has teammates who handle specific tasks like graphic design, web development, and social media management. As an online marketing manager, you will oversee everything and need to be totally engaged with your client’s business goals and develop a game plan to make that happen.

Where to learn this: HubSpot, Quicksprout, Google

11Project Manager

remote jobs for digital nomads

No shit, this can be a remote job! Coordinating contractors, hitting deadlines, and handling the budget are all aspects of the project manager role. If you can juggle all of these at the same time, then being a digital nomad project manager is a pretty sweet deal. You’re like the online puppet master!

Where to learn this: Coursera, Lynda, EdX

12Customer Support

remote jobs for digital nomads

No business wants to sacrifice customer satisfaction. As more and more companies tighten their purse strings, outsourcing a customer support team has become a more viable option in this digital age. In most cases, you will need to be able to talk over the phone, but ever increasingly, there are customer support systems that are exclusively live chat or messenger.

Where to learn this: Lynda, Zapier, Udemy

13Virtual Assistant

remote jobs for digital nomads

No need to worry about getting the coffee right or forgetting the morning papers, a virtual assistant cracks straight on with the task in hand. It is also one of the most popular digital nomad jobs, and thankfully, one of the most sought after too. VAs usually have set hours and do the easy yet time-consuming jobs the client doesn’t have the time for (or can’t be fucked to do).

Where to learn this: The VA Handbook, Virtual Assistant Career Guide

14UI/UX Developer

remote jobs for digital nomads

Coming more onto the techie side of things, do you know how to make websites more user-friendly? A UI/UX developer is like a proofreader for website function. Usually on a project basis, a UI/UX developer is a real benefit to clients for the improvement of their products and online presence such as websites and apps. That being said, clients here pay handsomely, most of the time!

Where to learn this: Springboard, UXPin, UI Breakfast

15App Developer

remote jobs for digital nomads

Everyone loves apps, man! Do you know how to make one? Do you wanna know how to make one? It is possible! To keep brands relevant in the competitive digital playing field, they commission good app developers to execute whatever they have up in their sleeves.

Where to learn this: Udemy, CodeSchool

16Graphic Designer

remote jobs for digital nomads

Although there are apps out there that mean anyone can make graphics, you can’t take away from the fact a true graphic designer’s creativity and ideas will make you more money than a shoddily made image on Canva! My pro tip? Have a kick-ass portfolio! Make it diverse and include different design styles to show how adaptive you are as a designer.

Where to learn this: Alison, Udemy, MIT


remote jobs for digital nomads

How many videos do you watch daily? I’ll tell you now—more than you think! No longer do we need to head to YouTube for video. They’re everywhere and ain’t going anywhere either! Being an animator can land you long-term work across loads of industries. Projects don’t need to be full-on animation films from scratch. Sometimes, a client only needs short intros and outros and inserting engaging effects.

Where to learn this: The Animation Resource Center, Utah State University, LearnersTV

18Video Editor

remote jobs for digital nomads

Sticking with the video theme, a well-edited video can make or break a marketing campaign! If you can piece footage together to make a memorable and shareable story, you’re in the money. Again, a kick-ass portfolio is key. Add in animation, and you’re golden.

Where to learn this: PremiumBeat, The Blast, Lifehacker


remote jobs for digital nomads

Face it, we all fancy ourselves of something of a photographer but can you be a pro? Brush up on those skills, and editing skills, too! From event photography to selling stock photos, you can find clients in every suburb in every city and beyond.

Where to learn this: Udemy, Strobist, RMIT


digital nomad jobs entrepreneur

You have to work at this a little more concertedly to be fair. If you have that entrepreneurial spirit, then that’s a good start. You need to think more critically about how to manage the logistical side of your business, and most especially, the financial side. I’d suggest keeping your full-time paying job as you start your business from the ground up. You gotta nail your game plan before becoming a digital nomad for this one!

Where to learn this: Udemy, Udemy, Coursera

You see, a fancy degree is only an option and not a requirement for you to learn the required skill sets for these digital nomad jobs! Don’t pigeonhole yourself into one of these jobs either, be open, and you’ll see the job opportunities roll in thick and fast. Ultimately, your grit and work ethics will be the deciding factor for you to land these remote jobs!

Have questions about remote jobs or digital nomad jobs? Drop me a line or comment below and let’s talk about it! Stay tuned for my next post as I get down to business on the things to consider before making that big jump into digital nomadism!

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