Philihappy Webdesign

Philihappy is the home of everything fun about the Philippines! We launched in March 2016 and initially started out with just a default theme that we customized. In just over a year, this website has grown so much in terms of following and content. You can imagine just how happy we were when just after a few months we were able to see it evolving! Readers were coming in, page views were going up, and we decided to create a new corporate identity and a fully customized website called Philihappy 2.0. This version didn’t just have a new look, it came with a lot of new features too! We also made a lot of changes in the backend to make our work easier.

One of the newest features of Philihappy is finally offering it in German! No, this isn’t some crappy Google Translate job. We have guys on the team that translate everything perfectly so that we reach readers in the best way possible! Doesn’t that sound sweet? Swing by the link below for adventures with resident cool guy Phili!