How To Make a Media Kit for Bloggers

What is a Media Kit

Want to make it big in the industry? Itching for a way to make a dent in the social media sphere but don’t know how? Need something that will help you stand out from all the others that want the same thing? I’ve got two words for you: media kit! Believe me when I say that this little guy is every digital influencer’s best friend. In this article, I show you how to make a media kit for bloggers the right way. Sit back and read on!

Wait, what is a blogger media kit anyway?

How to create a media kit for bloggers

So you want to learn how to make a media kit for bloggers. Yeah, you know influencers need media kits so that they can have an edge, but why? And how? This is the part where I make you believe that this can either make or break an influencer. A blogger media kit is a very important document that you piece together to show sponsors and other big players who you are and what you have to offer. Think of it as somewhat like a resume or dating profile – but in reality, it’s much more than that. In a media kit, you’re literally showing them ALL the best parts of you, skills you have, what you can do, and the reach of your following. You’re basically selling yourself, and you only have one shot to do it, so do your blogger media kit right!

A lot of people may not know this, but media kits aren’t something that is born overnight. In fact, it takes a lot of time and effort to produce a blogger media kit that looks more than just a basic presentation any kid in high school could have done. Having a professional and polished media kit will allow sponsors to recognize your value as an influencer and the value your blog holds.

Why do you need one?

Having a media kit will open doors for you: It allows you to get recognized by the people who matter. It’s an opportunity to show off your best self: your blog, your personality, your style, and what makes your skills and website unique. Don’t sell yourself short with a half-assed flat document. Sell yourself the right way! Ditch the long and boring e-mail exchanges and go for a blogger  media kit that’s direct to the point and is sure to speak for itself.

How To Make A Media Kit

1Bring your profile together

blogger media kit

This is where your media kit gets substance from, so it is imperative that you take the time to go through everything. What you need for this crucial step is the usual photo of you, along with your blog’s logo. If you don’t have one yet, don’t worry about it! You can just use your blogger header for the mean time. Next up is to get all of the best and most interesting photos from your blog. Another thing to note is that you should provide a screenshot of your site’s landing page with ad space visible.

People love seeing numbers, so it’s important to include the topline statistics too. You’ll need to display your page views per month which can be done using Google Analytics. You also need to show your average page views, unique visitors per month, the demographics of your readers, traffic sources, and subscribers! Basically, any relevant data that is worth noting should be included in the media kit. We’re trying to put our best foot forward after all.

2Create an introduction

media kit introduction

You know that saying about how first impressions last? That guy knew what he was talking about. When it comes to your introduction, make it count! This is where the reader decides whether or not you’re worth their time. This is where you’re allowed to share personal details about you, so you can talk about things you enjoy, your family, your goals – anything and everything that will allow the reader to connect with you.

Having a high-quality close-up shot of your face next to the intro is important. Show how friendly and approachable you are! Flaunt your best feature. Is it your smile? Your eyes? Play them up! Look your best while still looking professional and creative. This is the part of the blogger media kit where you draw the sponsors in. They know how you look like and know a little bit about what you like to do. Now’s the time to include any past work you’ve done. You don’t have to make it long; in fact, you should keep it as short and sweet as possible.

3Your blog in a nutshell

media kit describe your blog

Go on and describe your blog. What theme are you going for? What topics are picked up the most? Are there any usual events you host that bring in regular readers? Allow your sponsors to know which market they’ll be advertising to on your blog. This is what sponsors look for. Once the sponsors understand what you’re about, it can help them understand how well their products will fit into your blog.

4Show off your blog statistics and reach

media kit blog statistics

Which statistics? Everything from your unique visitors per month, to page views, average engagement, likes, comments, shares, and subscribers. Deep-dive into your blog and social media data here. Make sure you show your current stats and stay within that number. Take the average result from the last three months. Don’t go giving away numbers from way back. Keep it fresh. If you aren’t confident about displaying your numbers – because let’s face it, everyone starts as a newbie with a humble amount of followers – you can just state that although your follower count is still growing, you make up for it with high engagement or an increase in likes and shares.

A great way to win them over is by going back to your Google Analytics. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: it’s a numbers game and what they’re after is whether or not you’re good enough to bring in readership. Another important thing to include is growth trends, which is basically a graph that shows you how much progress you’ve made in the last couple of months.

5Photos, photos, photos

media kit photos

It’s a media kit, not an essay or regular resume. Too many words are going to bore the sponsors out of their minds. Add personality to your media kit by experimenting with color, photos, and font. Make it a sight for sore eyes! Make it so visually appealing that they remember your media kit over everyone else’s. Remember, fun looking but still professional!

6Don’t forget your Socials

media kit socials

By now, you already have the feel of how to create a media kit, so it should be easier from here on out. Just remember, your blogger media kit is your best friend so you should treat it like it is! Give it all the best parts of you – photos, skills, you name it! Adding your socials allow possible sponsors to take a look at your network. Is your following the kind they’re looking for? Do you have the numbers they want for the campaign? Allow them to see your growth!

7Disclose your sponsorship terms of agreement

media kit sponsorship terms of agreement

This part of the media kit discloses the terms of your sponsorship. It’s a list of things you are willing and not willing to do. This is where you disclose your rate as well. But what sponsors really want to see is what they get from the deal. Here are a few key points you might want to consider including in your media kit:

The services you can offer: from ad space to sponsored videos, posts, public appearances, collaborations and the like. Your rates, and the corresponding rates for each ad space. The larger the space is, the higher the price!

  • The price for which sponsor gets the top position.
  • Payment policies you are comfortable with.
  • The time frame for when images and other products and files are due to you for you to begin promoting them.

Giveaway guidelines in the event you will allow your sponsors to conduct a giveaway on your blog.
Specific terms for doing product reviews for sponsored posts. Not only should the samples and rate for the article itself be discussed, but you can also add on mileage with social media posts or giveaways.

8Seal the deal

media kit seal the deal

Make them want you! Make sure you slip in that very important call to action at the very end. Inform your potential sponsors of the next steps they can take should they want to pursue the collaboration with you. Corresponding via e-mail is always the best bet.

9Proofread like your life depended on it

how to make a media kit for bloggers

The moment you think you’re done is never when it’s really done and over with. Don’t be in a rush! Sending this out without a good proofreading session or two is suicide. Let it sit around the house for a little bit until you’re renewed and ready to proofread and edit it enough times until you’ve seen every single word on your media kit. Unleash the perfectionist in you! It’s do or die, buddy.

10Eat, sleep, breathe PDF conversion!

media kit pdf

Never allow yourself to send out media kits in Microsoft Word format! Not only does it look sloppy and unprofessional, but it’s easily susceptible to identity theft! Anyone can copy paste all of your personal data and anything else that has to do with your blog. Pro tip: if you send out media kits is, to convert them that the email size is not too high. You can use for this.

How to make media kit for bloggers in just 10 steps! Not so hard after all right? For any other tips and tricks, you might be interested in, I’ve got a lot of fresh ideas and related articles. Oh..and how could I forget? As an added bonus, you can download a free template to make a media kit, on me. You’re welcome!

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