The Different Influencer Personalities

different influencer personalities

In this lifetime you’ll figure out soon enough that there are a lot of people who do their job so well, they leave a mark. There are others who have potential just waiting to burst open. There are those who aren’t making the most of their situation because they’re clueless. My point is, just like anybody else, digital influencers differ from each other and are very unique. There is, however, a pattern.

Usually, influencers fall under certain categories or personalities. Here’s a fun read on the different types you’ll encounter. Let this guide help you choose the ones you want to work with so that your campaigns hit the mark, time and time again.

These are the 10 different influencer personalities:

1The Health Buff

Influencer Personalities: The Health Buff

Yeah, we all know this guy. This is the dude with all the douchebag gym selfies who wears too many v-neck shirts and who uses the hashtag “gainz” one too many times. This type of influencer loves protein shakes, fitness, and making everyone else feel bad about their lack of motivation to gym. Joking aside, these health nuts are usually the type to get sponsorship deals from sports apparel brands, health supplement brands and other big names whose largest selling point is to cater to young people who love the idea of fitness and looking good. It doesn’t take much to figure out where you can see these guys hang out or what their Instagram feed is all about.

2The Hipster

Influencer Personalities: The Hipster

Yep. These kids were cool way before cool was invented. They encompass the usual traits such as being an old soul, being soooo creative the world doesn’t understand them and all that other shit. This influencer knows how to have a chill time. When he isn’t busy looking like a hobo, he’s the guy who throws the best drinking session or house parties and is found in all the big celebrity entourages. As stereotypical as it sounds, most of these hippies go meat-free and probably wears upcycled clothing. From yoga shots to environmental quotes and Instagram posts of vegetable and fruit meals you never thought existed, they are your ticket to feeling like we have a shot at saving our asses from global warming.

3The Kikay Girl

Influencer Personalities: The Kikay Girl

Everyone knows who this is. She’s pulling modeling deals and sponsorships from clothing lines and fitness teas left and right. This influencer type is the girl every girl wants to be. She is usually a fashionista or a beauty enthusiast and will write and create content on anything lifestyle, fashion, and travel-related. More often than not, these pretty young things end up blogging and creating their own fashion line. Sometimes, they collaborate with existing ones. From killer selfies to full body shots of them wearing the latest designer brand they’re endorsing, you’ll be sure to see this type in the media and entertainment section of your favorite websites.

4The Party Animal

Influencer Personalities: The Party Animal

They’ve long since evolved from wearing shades indoors, but these guys are still the epitome of wild night outs and embarrassing drunk stories. Meet the party animal: the ultimate hook up. Whether it’s an exclusive product launch or a celebrity’s intimate birthday bash at some swanky hotel, there’s a 100% chance you’ll find them smiling wide in all the photos. A key person in every entourage, the sole purpose of the party animal is to keep the party going on and on. They are a breed of true entertainers who get things started. Truly an indispensable role in every team.

5The Smart Ass

Influencer Personalities: The Smart Ass

Also known as the Know-It-All, this influencer takes pleasure in schooling idiots on the internet. Most of the time it’s great, but then it can get pretty annoying. You can find them pretty much anywhere preaching the fuck out of what they believe in. Whether it’s someone’s shitty grammar or the age-old *Your vs *You’re argument, you’re sure to find them behind every winning side. Their hobbies include long walks in the Dictionary and Encyclopedia aisles, crushing the hopes and dreams of internet trolls, and tucking themselves at night and saying “who’s the smartest?” before heading to bed.

6The Perfectionist

Influencer Personalities: The Perfectionist

Oh, you know who we’re talking about. From the impossibly perfect feed (seriously, not one hair out of place!) to the color-coordinated outfits, the perfectionist is here to put everyone to shame. This influencer is the type to get the job done themselves (because who else can do a better job right?). When it comes to planning anything, they’re the real deal. They love proving a point, looking their best, and practicing their humble response to praise they expect in their heads.They’re beasts when it comes to organization and execution. The last thing you want to do is serve them a soy latte when they’ve specifically asked for a matcha espresso.

7The Hottie

Influencer Personalities: The Hottie

If these guys and girls could be naked all the time, they would. From the used and abused “I woke up like this” hashtag with them obviously naked under the blanket, to a shit ton of beach photos and gym shots, you just KNOW that gym memberships go before rent. Kidding aside, these fitspirations are usually the faces of swimwear and fitness brands, much like their health buff counterparts, although the latter is a sportier and more hardcore person. What sets them apart is their more casual and young, sexy profile they keep in order to stay marketable to the young market. This means looking like a college kid for as long as they possibly can.

8The Foodie

Influencer Personalities: The Foodie

How could I possibly leave this guy out? Everyone fucking loves the food guy! There are two types of Foodies: the snotty critique who thinks they’ve lived in Gordon Ramsey’s kitchen, to the laid back cool guys that usually post food shots with uncomplicated captions (God bless these guys). Their mouth-watering food shots get acclaim for being edgy and borderline rude. Restaurants pay them for riveting reviews, but they also aren’t afraid to lay out the truth and slam restaurants who have bad service. From free meals and gift certificates and paid articles, you can bet that their stomachs aren’t the only ones that end up happy after each meal.

9The Love Bug

Influencer Personalities: The Love Bug

Whether their posts are cringy or lame, you’ve got to admit that these lovesick kids have an audience that’s the size of Texas. No big deal. This goes to show that they do more than just post lovey-dovey content about relationship goals. They actually create the kind of stuff people can relate to. Whether it’s a story about betrayal or divorce or finding true love at the local bus stop, people just love to eat up anything that has to do with the idea of love. These influencers aren’t afraid to wear their heart on their sleeve, and it’s proven to be a strength instead of a weakness.

10The Comedian

Influencer Personalities: The Comedian

I’m a firm believer that the best people in this world are the ones that can make you laugh. Jokes come and go, but humor is an art that is mastered and has lasted for centuries. When you have an influencer so charismatic and funny, people just gravitate towards it. You won’t even notice how much time you’ve spent just going through their videos because they’re that good. Feeling great and having a good laugh is the kind of thing you want to feel and look forward to all the time. It’s why these guys will never be out of a job.

So there you have it, folks! The 10 types of influencer personalities you can expect to see in the market. Hope you learned a lot. Feel free to check out more of my content!

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