10 Tips For Choosing A Domain Name

10 Tips For Choosing A Domain Name

There are a few things in this life worth remembering, like pineapples not belonging on pizza and domains being a sacred identity! Your domain is the one thing you don’t want to mess up. You want to mean business. You want to establish a professional online presence. Choosing a domain name with translate exactly that. Every successful influencer out there knows that the power your brand has can either make or break your business, so choose wisely. It seems easy if you think about it, but that only means you aren’t thinking hard enough. Sit down, take your time, and go through the steps with me. Everything’s going to go down smoothly if you keep these steps in mind! You ready? Here are 10 domain tips for choosing a domain name:

1Do your research

choosing a domain name - do your researchDoing your homework is important. When choosing a domain name, researching on the best domain name that applies to you is key. You want to go for something original, and good domain names take time. It’s okay if you don’t find the right one on your first try. No one expects you to get it quickly. Take the time do research on something that sounds good, means well, and is totally applicable to you. Start brainstorming! Come up with words that connect with you on a personal level and write them down. From there, narrowing down your choices should be a piece of cake.

2Choosing a domain name that is easy to type and remember

choosing a domain name - easy to typeThe last thing you want your domain name to be is b-o-r-i-n-g. Don’t go for typical vanilla handles. Go for a domain name that’s fresh, easy to type and easy to remember! The catchier it is, the better.

3Refrain from using slang terms

choose domain name - refrain from using slang termsNot everyone is going to get slang terms, so if you use it in your domain people won’t be quick to appreciate the thought that went into it. When picking out your domain name, go for something that’s easy to understand. Something that relates to a wide range of audiences registers better in terms of SEO and interest.

4Go for domain names that are short

domain tips - go for domain names that are shortI mean who has the time to type in a long ass domain? Exactly. No one is going to want to type out something that takes up too much of your time and energy. Besides, sticking to a simpler and shorter domain makes it easier on the user to look you up. I’ll be the first to admit that we’re all a bunch of lazy assholes, so this step is a favor for all of us.

5Stick with .com if you can

how to choose a domain - stick with .com if you canYou know it’s legit when you finally have .com at the end of your website. It does more than just add a sense of professionalism; it actually shows people that you’re the real deal and that you’re here to stay. When you have .com attached to your brand, it means you’re here to do business.

6Stay away from trademarked domains

choose a domain name - stay away from trademarked domainsTrademarked domains are social media handles that already exist and are currently taken by someone. They are a big no-no. You’re treading in dangerous waters if the domain you want has conflict with an established brand. Do yourself a favor and keep informed. Do your research and make sure you go for something that’s completely free to take.

7Don’t go for a domain that’s already floating around the internet

choose a domain nameAs with number 6, you know it’s a bad idea when your domain sounds too similar to another brand. Keep out of trouble and stick to another idea. I know, it can get pretty hard. Sometimes you think you’ve found the perfect one and that it’s an idea only you’ve had and is meant to be yours. But that’s life for you. It teaches you things you need to learn, and pushes you to grow. If the domain you want it taken, think of it as a sign to think of something better.

8Hyphens can be tricky

choose domain name - hyphens can be trickyDude, if it doesn’t need a hyphen don’t put a hyphen. Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn’t and it just becomes one unnecessary mess. When choosing a domain name, remember to keep it simple. Capiche?

9Stay away from numbers

how to choose a domain name - stay away from numbersPLEASE LEAVE YOUR GRADE SCHOOL EMAIL IDEAS BEHIND. I only have your best interest at heart. Leave numbers out of your domain, you’ll thank me later. Ditching numbers and going for cleaner, simple domains will be great when you’re off making sure your ranking game is up there.

10Make sure your handle is available on all your social media platforms

choosing a domain nameRule #1: Have a consistent handle for all your social media posts. Rule #2: With the first rule being said, make sure the same handle is applicable to all platforms. Practicing consistency is key. Why? It helps with name recall, it looks professional, and it’s easier to find and follow you on each social media platform.

Pro-tip: A good domain tip is to figure out of if your name as a domain name is more important than your brand, or vice versa. You wouldn’t want to start off with a nickname or tag or brand name at first only to find out that you don’t really fit into that category anymore and would like to switch to going by your full name.

There you go! Go forth, young grasshopper, and make this digital nomad proud! Choosing your domain name shouldn’t be so hard with these 10 domain tips guaranteed to make the process a whole lot easier. If you were happy with this article and would like to see more of my work, feel free to check out the rest!


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