Better Influencer Marketing Through Branded Content On Facebook

branded content on facebook influencer

Working as a Facebook influencer is never an easy task. There are plenty of things to consider and keep in mind, so youโ€™ll always need to be aware of everything, including the latest updates and trends on social media. There are new rules about Branded Content on Facebook that you need to comply with as an influencer. Facebook wants the creators and publishers to tag your business partners in a branded post.

What is Branded Content on Facebook?

According to Facebook, branded content is any content from the page owners that features third party brands, sponsors, or products in exchange of value. Tagging of business partners is now a must whenever you post a branded content for them. Upon tagging, they will be able to get a notification and see high-level performance insights. Also, they can share the post to their own page, too.

Where to find the Branded Content Tool?

Branded Content on Facebook

Branded Content on Facebook can be identified by seeing โ€˜Paidโ€™ within the post just below the โ€˜withโ€™ tag, which recognizes the business partner. In order to mark branded content, you need to create a Facebook update and click the Handshake icon. Then it will open a โ€˜withโ€™ tab, where you can name the business partner you want to tag in the post.

Branded Content Tool on Facebook

If you canโ€™t see the Branded Content tool or the Handshake icon, submit an application here to have access to the tool. Before submitting your application, be sure to have read the Branded Content Policy first.

Here are the simple steps on how to do it:

1. Choose the appropriate page from the drop down menu provided.
2. Click Send to request for access.
3. Wait to see the status of your application. Youโ€™ll be notified after exactly an hour.

What are the Branded Content Guidelines?

How To Do Influencer Marketing On Facebook

1. Banner ads are prohibited
Facebook doesnโ€™t allow any banner ads on an image or video post. As per Facebook, banner ad that span more than one-third of your image or video content are prohibited.

2. Roll ads are not allowed
Roll ads are basically promotional video messages that play before, during, and after the content. Facebook prohibits these because viewers are more captivated and interested with brand messaging than pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads in videos.

3. No interstitial ad cards
For a better Facebook experience, Branded Content on Facebook doesnโ€™t allow interstitial cards during the first three seconds of your video content as well as in the beginning, middle, or end of every Facebook story product. This interstitial ad cards are actually the cards that interrupt your video while viewing it.

4. Consent is a must
No business should use the Branded Content toolโ€™s tagging option without the permission of the creator. This is a no brainer, so better ask permission first.

5. Be sure everything is legal.
Make sure that any disclosures or disclaimers have been made in connection with your branded content on Facebook. You must be clear that you are making money or benefitting from this partnership so that you donโ€™t mislead anyone.

Where to locate the Branded Content on Facebook performance?

Your tagged business or partner can easily see performance after following these steps. They simply have to go to Facebook Business manager and click Branded Content to see the insights. There, they can see the insights of every branded content youโ€™ve posted.

Branded Content on Facebook adds transparency for every sponsored post. Your audience can easily see which posts were made with partners. It benefits both you, the influencer, as well as the brand or business partner in more ways. It opens more opportunities to co-brand using other social media trends and techniques. You can both also discuss the optimization of content to leverage on good engagement and performance.

There are many benefits to using Branded Content on Facebook as an influencer, and I suggest you learn how to use it right away!

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