21 Best Cities For Digital Nomads

best cities for digital nomads

Whether you’ve got your bucket list route already planned out or are thinking about winging it, it’s safe to say that not every destination in the world is ideal for digital nomads. I have thought about all the fucking awesome, dead cheap, quite simply, best cities for digital nomad around the world.

Let’s break it down, the fact that you wanna be a digital nomad, or already are a digital nomad means that you wanna see the world! Ain’t that what it’s all about! Hate to break it to you though, not all cities are set up for the digital nomad ages. These places should be kept for ‘tourist time’!

The main two things I look for in a city to base myself in is affordability and internet speed and reliability. All work and no play makes for one boring fucking person, right! So in my list of best cities for digital nomads I’ve also thought about access to a sweet ass social life too.

Mate, I’ve got it all sorted for you, you just gotta book your ticket to your next home!

1Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

best cities for digital nomads - ho chi minh city, vietnam

Cost of living: USD 1,000 per month
Internet speed: 10 Mbps

Ho Chi Minh City is backpackers’ paradise, all the hostels, clubs, bars, and culture. This is what makes Ho Chi Minh a good digital nomad city. Think about it, what backpackers need, digital nomads need—Wi-Fi, entertainment, and a shit ton of coffee. The place is essentially set up for us!

The social life for expats here is pretty sick. Various bars and clubs serve great food and booze. Some even have live music, and you can choose between fancier nightclubs to more casual pubs.

The weather in Vietnam is usually either wet or dry, so if you’re thinking of moving in you should fly in around February until April, when the country experiences the least rainfall. But hey, rainy season means lodging prices drop by a mile!

2Bangkok, Thailand

best cities for digital nomads - bangkok, thailand

Cost of living: USD 1,200 per month
Internet speed: 40 Mbps

If Ho Chi Minh City took your fancy but want a bit more of a metropolitan feel, then Bangkok is the place for you. In fact, it is touted to be one of the best cities for digital nomads. Excellent connectivity, great quality of life, and lots of entertainment—what else can you ask for? Forget the seedy stuff you see in the films because Bangkok legit has a great life on offer for digital nomads.

Cost of living in Bangkok is fairly reasonable, one of the more expensive areas in Asia but so much fucking cheaper than Western Europe! Your money will go far in Bangkok, and that’s very important.

There is a massive influx of visitors during November, and during the summer months of March to May is the best time to explore some of Asia’s best-kept secrets while the tourists get sucked into the honeypots!

Thailand is also introducing a digital nomad visa, so watch this space, people!

3Taipei, Taiwan

best cities for digital nomads - taipei, taiwan

Cost of living: USD 1,700 per month
Internet speed: 20 Mbps

Underrated as it seems, it may surprise you that Taipei is one of the most bustling and accessible cities in Asia. There is so much to see in this little city. Public transport here is pretty efficient, too. Largely influenced by China, there are tons of kick-ass Chinese restaurants. Panic not homebods, you will find a lot of modern and Western restaurants as well.

For a digital nomad, the relatively fast internet, good healthcare, and friendly locals give much-needed peace of mind.

4Berlin, Germany

best cities for digital nomads - berlin, germany

Cost of living: USD 2,000 per month
Internet speed: 12 Mbps

Berlin is such a cool place that it is actually one of the trendiest places in Europe. Known as one of the best digital nomad cities on the continent, Berlin is known as the center of entrepreneurship in Europe, and many digital nomads play this to their advantage where they lay low for a while to network, mingle, and gain ideas. There’s no scarcity of startups in this city, especially in the tech industry. Considering it’s a well-known city, Berlin is actually pretty affordable, too!

Work aside. There’s also a shitload of awesome bars and clubs in Berlin. You won’t get a full night’s sleep for the first few weeks when you move into this party central!

Berlin is home to quite a number of expats. I should mention that you can apply for an “artist visa.” If you plan on staying long, this lets you do freelance work without needing to sign on with a full-time job. A pretty sweet deal.

5Gdansk, Poland

best cities for digital nomads - gdansk, poland

Cost of living: USD 2,000 per month
Internet speed: 22 Mbps

Cold in winter, like bitterly cold. If you like the snow, then Gdansk is one of the best digital nomad cities to go to in Europe. House prices, food, and monthly internet deals are all super affordable, especially when compared to other eastern European cities.

Gdansk is a really beautiful city with loads of history to learn about. Plus, there is an increasing dining scene developing here, so foodies, get your ass here.

6London, United Kingdom

best cities for digital nomads - london, united kingdom

Cost of living: USD 2,800 per month
Internet speed: 14 Mbps

Cups of tea and pints of beer aside. There is something dreamy and romantic about living in London. Who hasn’t heard of The Beatles or One Direction, right?

The city is buzzing, exciting, and inspirational in its own little way. I’ll admit. Cost of living here is fucking expensive, even if you lay low and all. But if you’re doing well for yourself or just fancy a month or two in a big, western city, then get aiming for London.

Other cities in the UK like Bristol, Glasgow, and Brighton are worth looking into as well.

7Lisbon, Portugal

best cities for digital nomads - lisbon, portugal

Cost of living: USD 1,600 per month
Internet speed: 13 Mbps

Lovely, lovely Lisbon! Lisbon is one of the best cities for digital nomads who seek good weather in Europe. The cost of living here is fairly affordable compared to many other European cities.

And if you’re down for some beer for lunch, followed by a siesta, then Lisbon is the way to go!

You’ll find a cool mix of people in Lisbon, locals, tourists, travelers, expats and digital nomads all live in harmony. Coworking spaces are on the increase in the city, too.

8Busan, South Korea

best cities for digital nomads - busan, south korea

Cost of living: USD 1,500 per month
Internet speed: 40 Mbps

Admit it. South Korea probably wasn’t on your list of best digital nomad countries, was it? South Korea is awesome and deserved of visitors. In fact, the Korean government actually strives to make their cities more friendly for expats and digital nomads!

You may have heard of Busan because of that movie called Train to Busan. You won’t find post-apocalyptic zombies here, though!

Seoul is a great city, but Busan is just as vibrant, buzzing, and exciting. One great thing about Busan is its public transportation, which is touted to be one of the best in the world. Compared to Seoul, Busan is way more affordable—that’s code for digital-nomad-friendly!

9Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

best cities for digital nomads - ubud bali, indonesia

Cost of living: USD 1,100 per month
Internet speed: 5 Mbps

Everyone just raves about Bali, and although it wouldn’t be at the top of my list, I can see why other digital nomads fucking love it. Bali is cheap as chips! Only USD 1,100 a month will see you live well, eat well, and be living it up in the paradise that is Ubud.

Ubud is great for the hippies amongst you with its many veggie restaurants to enjoy, and I’ve lost count of how many yoga studios there are.

The internet connection is a bit hit and miss. SIM cards are dead cheap, 8GB of 3G data costs IDR 70,000 (USD 5) which can tie you over until the Wi-Fi gets it’s shit together!

10Budapest, Hungary

best cities for digital nomads - budapest. hungary

Cost of living: USD 1,400 per month
Internet speed: 30 Mbps

Budapest is an uber cool city, rich in history and heritage, but perfectly set up for travelers and digital nomads. Long-term travelers and expats will tell you that ‘Pest is best, but there are great places to live and work either side of the Danube River.

The Ruin Bars are a great way to experience “real Budapest,” and beer is super cheap, too. And if you have a big appetite, get a ginormous burger!

On a more practical level, you’ll be pleased to hear that there’s a good number of coworking spaces in Budapest. If you need to escape the city limits, there are some great little Hungarian towns in the immediate vicinity that can be easily reached by train. Trains in Europe are of course, very efficient.

11Miami, Florida

best cities for digital nomads - miami, florida
Cost of living: USD 2,800 per month
Internet speed: 14 Mbps

Glorious, glorious weather graces Miami in Florida every year. Who wouldn’t love soaking up the vibe of this beach city that has a medley of culture influencing it?

Believe it or not, Miami is one of the best cities for digital nomads and thinking about it, I can see why. There are dozens of coworking spaces that provide fast Wi-Fi and aesthetic motivation.

For those who are starting out as a digital nomad, Miami may not be your first port of call. Cost of living is pretty steep compared to Asia and Eastern Europe, but Miami is an exciting place to live, and the social life here is pretty sick.

Popular hangout areas include the cafés and restaurants in Little Havana, be sure to check it out!

12Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

best cities for digital nomads - kuala lumpur, malaysia

Cost of living: USD 1,100 per month
Internet speed: 5 Mbps

Ultra-modern, ultra-busy and ultra-affordable comes the Malaysian capital city of Kuala Lumpur. A true cultural melting pot, there is never a dull moment in KL.

Kuala Lumpur is slowly creeping up the ranks, and it will soon be (if not already!) one of the best cities in the world for digital nomads. Coworking spaces are popping up offering freelancers and business people plenty of choice of working environments.

If you are a foodie, Malaysia is your paradise! If you get sick of the city, hopping on a flight to neighboring cities that offer a bit more (beach, anyone?) is pretty easy. Remember that much of Borneo is Malaysian territory and only an hour flight away!

Malaysia’s weather is quite constant during the year, although from March to June, there is a decent amount of rainfall which is a bit shit.

13Chattanooga, Tennessee

best cities for digital nomads - chattanooga, tennessee

Cost of living: USD 2,200 per month
Internet speed: 110 Mbps

Aside from Miami, you may be wondering if there are any other American cities that are good for digital nomads. Ask, and I will deliver! I give you Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Chattanooga has lots of startups in the city who are constantly on the lookout for new talent. In fact, there are many groups online that encourage meetups in Chattanooga, which is great if you’re looking for like-minded people to hang out with and explore the US even.

I should warn you, though. In the summer, it gets icky, sticky, and wet. Totally grim! But to make up for that, Chattanooga has crazy fast internet speed.

14Vienna, Austria

best cities for digital nomads - vienna, austria

Cost of living: USD 2,200 per month
Internet speed: 14 Mbps

Of all places, you wouldn’t have thought that decadent Vienna would be a popular city for digital nomads. But it is! Vienna is famous the world over for its beautiful palaces and its contributions to classical music. (Mozart’s hometown!)

You can watch the opera every night should you well wish! Aside from the arts and classic culture, there is much to love about Vienna. Crime and pollution are super low here, and there is a kick-ass public transport system in place, too. If you’re powered by caffeine, then you need to get yourself a cup of Viennese coffee.

Be prepared to learn how to speak in German or English, so that you are able to converse with the locals. However, Austrians are very friendly and ready to help out.

For digital nomads wanting to work in Vienna, I’d recommend visiting during the spring season or fall season, in April to June and September to October.

15Chiang Mai, Thailand

best cities for digital nomads - chiang mai, thailand

Cost of living: USD 1,000 per month
Internet speed: 20 Mbps

Chiang Mai is the best city for digital nomads, both in terms of work life and social life. A super affordable city and legit home to the best vegetarian and vegan cafés in Asia. No shit (sorry Bali)!

Aside from the cafés offering free Wi-Fi, there are loads of coworking spaces, too. I predict we’ll see more and more cropping up in the next five years. The internet speed is pretty good here, and again, like in Bali, you can get a local SIM card with good mobile data for pennies, so that you have a backup internet connection when those deadlines start looming!

If you like the idea of Thailand, but Bangkok seems a bit too hectic for you, think about Chiang Mai.

16Panama City, Panama

best cities for digital nomads - panama city, panama

Cost of Living: USD 2,000 per month
Internet speed: 25 Mbps

Start learning the words to “Despacito!” Panama City has it all—close to the coast and the jungle, as well as being an uber cool city in its own right. It is one of the major Latin American cities and is a must-visit if you’re seeking the vibrant and laid-back Latin way of life.

Panama City is really quite affordable for those digital nomads who are starting to reap the rewards of this lifestyle, a little out of the league for those starting out, cost-wise only.

Panamanian cuisine is extremely underrated, but hearsay is that it is one of the most delicious in the world. Meals often include fresh seafood, coconut, and tasty veggies. All these are brought together with a blend of spices that makes their food so distinct!

Like with many emerging digital nomad cities, there is a rising number of coworking spaces, which we can all be happy about! The clincher is that the weather is sweet almost all year round and the internet speed is swift AF! Again, word from the wise: Brush up on your Spanish!

17Boracay, Philippines

best cities for digital nomads - boracay, philippines

Cost of living: USD 1,400 per month
Internet speed: 5 Mbps

If you have a picture in your head of marrying the digital nomad lifestyle and peaceful island life, then look no further than Boracay. Boracay is the definition of paradise in the Philippines! Its pristine clear waters and powder-like white sand are just fucking dreamy! You can stay in a bikini or board shorts for much of the day!

If you need to get your head down for work, then you can easily find a simple apartment and get going online. The cost of living in Boracay is quite cheap if you are staying at an apartment or mid-priced hotel. Lodging options slash their prices big time during the off-peak season!

True to the island way of living, feast over fresh seafood. Although, you will also find here a number of international restaurants catering to every taste.

I totally fell in love with Boracay so much that I made it my home base for several months.

18Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, Spain

best cities for digital nomads - las palmas, gran canaria, spain

Cost of living: USD 1,500 per month
Internet speed: 24 Mbps

Now onto one of the best cities for digital nomads in Spain, the little-known Las Palmas. Want to visit Spain but don’t have the budget to stay in Barcelona? Las Palmas is the answer!

The weather is perfect all year, which means you can enjoy its many outdoor spaces. Being on Gran Canaria, you’re never too far from the beach! A number of coworking spaces have popped up in this city, which means it won’t be hard to find your spot to work and network.

Spanish people are total foodies, and the whole social scene revolves around food! Thus, it’s not unusual to find people milling in the streets outside, eating tapas, or having wine. Saying all these makes me miss Spain more than ever!

19Stockholm, Sweden

best cities for digital nomads - stockholm, sweden

Cost of living: USD 2,600 per month
Internet speed: 26 Mbps

Not a fan of the sun? Then, let’s think about Stockholm. Not exactly affordable, but wages in Stockholm are also usually much higher. You’d have to put the graft in and secure some Scandinavian clients, though. Asian wages aren’t going to cut here!

You do get used to the cold weather in this city. Days are very short, and sunset often happens at 3 p.m. during the winter. This is why people do their best to remain active during the rest of the year. Many are members of gyms or do some sort of sport. Both of which are great ways to socialize. The city is also full of green spaces, which is refreshing if you’re tired of the concrete jungle. To get an even more authentic feel of Sweden, head to the countryside which is just a short train ride away!

20Athens, Greece

best cities for digital nomads - athens, greece

Cost of living: USD 2,200 per month
Internet speed: 10Mbps

Greece, it has to be said, is really fucking photogenic! Athens is a bucket list staple for many travelers, and it’s possible for a digital nomad to live and work here!

To think, that of a weekend you’re only ever a hop, skip and a jump away from the luxurious Greek Islands there is something to be said for basing your digital nomad business in Athens for a while.

You’ll have many things to do, from exploring incredible historical sights, to sipping on Greek coffee in quaint cafés, to indulging in the best souvlaki and gyros on the street!

Get yourself invited to a Greek wedding and get smashing plates! #BucketListGoals!

21Bucharest, Romania

best cities for digital nomads - bucharest, romania

Cost of living: USD 1,400 per month
Internet speed: 100 Mbps

No, not Budapest but Bucharest, in Romania. There are incredible perks for any digital nomad in this part of the world. Not only is the internet speed crazy fast, the cost of living is quite affordable, and the quality of life is good on this part of the world. Many digital nomads love Bucharest because of the mild weather most of the year, and there is so much going on to keep yourself busy!

I think you’ll love the charming streets where many restaurants take advantage of the great weather with some outdoor seating. I would highly recommend trying some of the regional wines—the Romanians are quite the vintners!

Of course, these are just the top 21 cities you can live in. The truth is that digital nomads can live practically anywhere. So, if there’s a place on your bucket list that you want to see, then feel free to make it your home base for a while. In fact, I encourage it! This list has been based on the cost of living and internet speed, but c’mon, even I know there is more to life than this!

Bring out this list of best 21 cities for digital nomads whenever you get into planning! If you aren’t too sure where to start and are looking for a change, these cities are usually great to get you started on your digital nomad journey.

Now, how do you make this lifestyle a reality? Check out my other helpful tips on how you can support yourself while pursuing the digital nomad lifestyle on my blog. I’d love to hear from you!

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