18 Necessary Tools and Resources Every Digital Nomad Needs

18 Necessary Tools and Resources Every Digital Nomad Needs

We hate being tied down to a 9-5 working hours. That’s why we left the restrictive confines of the office to go out into the world, seek new adventures while juggling our remote jobs on the side. It’s a bold move, but definitely worth all the trouble. To make sure we remain efficient while we’re on the road, there are some necessary tools and resources we have to hook ourselves up with.

Luckily, vital tasks such as finding your next remote job, looking for the cheapest flight trips and travel accommodations, down to staying in constant communication with your clients, are all made easier thanks to a plethora of apps and websites available now that can aid digital nomads with their mobile lifestyle.

If you want to enjoy your location independent lifestyle with minimal fuss, here’s a list of all 18 tools and resources you should be checking out.

Where you can find your next job…

As a digital nomad, the pressure to have a consistent source of income is immense. You need funds to go on your travels, to pay for your food, etc.. So you have to find quick and easy ways to grab job opportunities.

Working Nomads

The name pretty much sums it up. Working Nomads has a wide range of remote works. It covers design, human resources, development, management, education, healthcare and many more. With its constantly updated job board, you’re bound to find a work or two that can fit your set of skills.


It’s a popular site for freelancers where payment is by the hour or project fee. The jobs posted in the site are also diverse, ranging from writing, mobile app development, graphic design, and plenty of others. They offer a downloadable app that you can use to track your multiple projects.

Similar to the previously mentioned job sites, RemoteOk.io also receives a daily update on their job board. They send their daily listings through your inbox so you’re always on the loop. You can always just tweak the filter so you can choose higher paid positions fitting for your years of experience.

Preparing for your travel and accommodations…

Planning your next trip involves tiny details which can be time-consuming if you’re not wise about it. Make sure you’re up to date with the latest innovations that can make your trips cheaper and more convenient.


One of the most popular ways to find accommodation, AirBnb provides different types of housing such as condos, apartments, and even room rentals from around the world for both local and international travelers. It’s easy and very reliable. You can read the reviews from the previous renters if you want to find out if your potential housing of choice passes your standards.


For the cheapest airfare deals from anywhere in the globe, there’s Hitlist to point you in the right direction. If you’re a thrill seeker, the app also suggests distant destinations which are not usually spots for tourists but are places where you can have fun and unique experiences.


Can’t decide where to go next? Teleport can help you make a decision by giving you a general idea of a city’s cost of living, quality of life, salary range, and city neighborhoods.

Blending in with the locals…

Once you arrive in your dream city, you don’t want to isolate yourself from the locals. Mingle with them to truly have the best out of the experience. You can learn a lot just by talking to them, they may even tell you the best-hidden bars in town.


Not everyone speaks English so you may as well learn another language while you’re living in that city. Duolingo is one of the best apps when it comes to language tutorial. It starts with the basic and even provides games you can play to make learning more enjoyable.


It’s easier to connect with the locals when you got something in common. Meetup is a social app that lets you meet with people nearby who share the same interests as you. You can choose to attend an event created by someone from the app or you can organize your own. It’s a fun way to socialize.

Nomad Network

Why not ask a fellow digital nomad who’s a local to tell you about what’s up in your city? The Nomad Network serves as a forum where digital nomads gather around to share tips and advice. You can also attend or host events so you can meet new like-minded people.

Increasing your productivity…

It’s easy to get distracted when you’re out exploring the world. There’s so much we want to see and visit that we sometimes lose track of time and fail to do our jobs. Not allocating time to get our work done is a grave mistake since we obviously need the income to keep up the lifestyle. But we don’t necessarily have to spend longer hours working. Being more productive is what we want to aim for.


As they say, time is gold. And we want to be smart about how we spend it. Toggle can track the time you spend on your projects accurately. It gives you a feel of how much you should be charging your clients depending on the amount of time you invest in the project. You can also develop better time management with the app since you’re more aware of what you’re doing with your time.

Basecamp is your all in one project management tool. It has everything you need to get some work done. It lets you create a schedule, a to-do list, a message board and you can even attach documents. If you work with a team, you can work in synch with them and keep each other posted using the app.


Trello lets you be a bit more interactive with your time management. It uses cards for organizing your projects and assigned tasks. You can move the cards around once you’re done with them and transfer them to another group. Even this simple scheme of moving around cards can give you a sense of accomplishment and makes you more motivated.

Managing your finances…

Since you’re always on the go, having a reliable financial system is a must. You have to figure out how you can bill your clients, receive payments, exchange currencies, and pay your taxes no matter which city you end up.


It’s among the most popular virtual financial options and that’s for good reasons. It gives you different options to request payment and receives payment from your clients, all options are guaranteed to be hassle-free and secured. You can also exchange your money for another currency by using the app.

Trail Wallet

Track your finances by using Trail Wallet. The app allows you to create your budget with ease and manage your expenses. The screen shows you a comprehensive view of your budget and gives you a summary of how much you spent in the span of 5 days. The best part is that you can add the amounts in different currencies so you can save time converting.


Keeping the receipts of your purchases helps with tracking your finances. But storing those tiny pieces of papers can be rather tiring. So why not just take a digital copy of it with you instead? Shoebox does exactly this for you. You take a photo of your receipt and save it in the app.

How to stay connected…

With oceans and continents separating you from your clients and family, the need to stay in touch is even greater for digital nomads. Constant communication is crucial to making a successful project. And if you don’t want your mom to be worried sick about your whereabouts, you have to check in on your family and loved one as often as possible.


Messaging and video calls have never been easier with Skype. It’s a great app for catching up with your family. Job interviews and even video conferences can easily be done through video calls.


If you want your messaging app to have a more professional flair, Slack may be more your thing. It’s commonly used by businesses because of its different useful capabilities such as the ease of creating channels and Slack itself acts like a bot that assists with chat activities.


True to its name, it’s an online platform that lets team members spread out from all over the world to conduct meetings. You can screen-share, sync calendars, real-time chat and auto-record. You can also use it to conduct webinars.

Key takeaway…

With these tools and resources, streamline your tasks flawlessly in whichever city you end up. Maximize the use of technology that’s available now, pick the tools that fit your needs and personality the most, so you spend less time on some core tasks and use that time to focus more on enjoying the perks of being a digital nomad.

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