16 Instagram Story Ideas

instagram story ideas

It’s on of the most popular apps to date and its icon is a camera. Yep, you guessed it. It’s Instagram. One of the most-used social media platforms, it started off being a mobile-only way to show artsy photos to your friends and contacts. Over the years, it has grown to introduce more features to encourage engagement, and the latest is their Instagram Stories. So how can you step up your feed game? Simple. These 16 instagram story ideas are sure to fix that problem.

And on that note, do you even know how to upload pictures and videos on instastory? Okay, don’t worry about it. For this one, click on this link to find out how. It’s an easy step by step guide that you’ll read in a jiffy.

READ TIP – Adding Photos and Videos to Your Instagram Story: The Basics

Right, where was I. Okay, so Instagram stories -also known as Instastories- have quickly become more than just a way to show off. A lot of big brands and influencers have been quick to join the bandwagon, and it’s because Instastory has become a top venue for promotion and engagement. The 24-Hr window of fame has quickly become a big part in the way influencers and companies interact with their followers. Whether it’s a quick video, a selfie, or text against a plain background with a message on it, whatever you upload onto your story is bound to get attention. This is why you have to make the most out of it. But how?

That’s a good question. Lucky for you, I’ve put together a few things that should make using Instastory a piece of cake. You ready?

Here are the 16 Instagram story ideas:

1Flash Sales

instagram story ideas

Who doesn’t love a good flash sale? Some of the best promos can be found promoted on Instastories. Usually, influencers like posting coupons and promo codes on their story to entice viewers to buy products. Sometimes it can be a simple contest such as taking a screenshot to avail of the sweet deal. Having limited time offers makes it more fun and challenging on the follower’s part – they’d want to buy it sooner so they don’t miss out. It’s also a good way of seeing who are the followers that really engage regularly with the influencer or brand.

2Instagram Takeover

instagram story ideas

This idea ranks high on the list of instagram story ideas. You’ve seen your favorite celebrities do it a hundred times. Instagram Takeovers are a great way for celebrities, companies, and influencers to promote each other. This effective marketing technique allows them to engage with new audiences and allows them the opportunity to shine.

3Behind the scenes

instagram story ideas

I don’t know about you, but I actually enjoy watching all the BTS outtakes and video clips I see floating around the internet. I’m sure you do too, much to the delight of the big companies behind the production. This instagram story idea has behind the scenes footage that’s featured on an Instastory – whether from a celebrity’s photoshoot or an influencer’s trip to the mall – is a great way for fans to see what lies beneath all the glamour. What people can relate to the most are non-photoshopped, everyday things. They’re used to all the makeup and special effects. Let them see rawness


instagram story ideas

Probably everyone’s favorite, giveaways always bring in the best kind of attention to your page. When an influencer hosts a giveaway and tasks their followers to tag, mention, share, and repost, engagement rates skyrocket! Posting a giveaway on your story is a great way to remind people you’re holding one, in case they miss out on your post.

5Celebrating Milestones

instagram story ideas

But of course! Milestones are a cause for celebration. Did your blog turn 2 years old? Is there a special occasion that needs to be celebrated? Instagram stories is where you want to display all of that feel-good stuff. Your followers are going to eat it all up because getting to know you more and what goes on in your world interests them.

6Share Resources

instagram story ideas

Sharing is caring after all. What better way to bring your community together and attract new followers than with offering your resources for free? You get positive buzz and a lot of publicity when you do, so don’t feel too bad about sharing a little something every now and then. The feeling you get when tons of people admire your work enough to want to share and download it is priceless. You can have your popular pieces of art and other downloadable pieces uploaded in your stories for people to view.


instagram story ideas

Interviews are always a lot of fun. With Instagram’s latest feature, people can now upload video snippets onto their story that’s available for 24 hours. Instead of having to look up the interview on your browser all you have to do is press the story. And yes, you can rewatch it as many times as you want. Question and Answer types get a lot of views and allow your followers to learn more about you. Keeping it as real and candid as possible makes it all the more better.

8Shout Outs

instagram story ideas

Shout outs have the power to unite forces between influencers. They’re a great way to establish the fact that two or more influencers are friends and are in full support of each other. Even the most basic text that has a fellow influencer mentioned in the shout out is going to bring attention. Another thing you can do is by mentioning your favorite brands. Companies are actively looking for endorsers with great reach. Who knows, yours might be next.

9Product Features

instagram story ideas

Featuring products on your feed is a great way to connect with your followers AND get potential sponsorships. Why? People who see your posts or view your story will see that you have products they’re interested in buying and would like to know more about you and what you have to say. You can do makeup swatches of a new eyeshadow palette, try-ons of dresses, roadtest new kitchen tools-the possibilities are endless.


instagram story ideas

Updates let fans and followers know what’s fresh on your blog, so having an Instastory that gives them a little sneak peek of what to expect is a great way to keep them hooked. Updates – whether photos or text posts – are always a welcome treat.

11Shameless Plug

instagram story ideas

I know, I know. Is there really such a thing as a shameless plug? Trust me when I say that sometimes, it’s necessary to step out of your comfort zone. Doing shameless plugs on your Instastory is a great way to remind your followers about your skills, goals, and services. You might just be the very person they’ve been looking for. Don’t be afraid to sell yourself the right way.


instagram story ideas

Yes! Insanely entertaining tutorials can be found in their latest feature. Uploading several 10-second snippets on your story can turn into a full length tutorial! Who needs to go on YouTube when you can watching everything on this versatile app?


instagram story ideas

Don’t want to upload paid ads on your feed? No problem. Upload them on your story instead! It can be a nice break from the usual posts you do anyway. Plus, your audience gets to see which brands you collaborate with too.

14Follower Appreciation Posts

instagram story ideas

Sending back the love is the best way to grow a solid, loyal fan base. Showing your fans you care is a great way to keep the trust and followership. When you do things like fan shoutouts or mention them in posts or on your story, you get to make their entire week!

15Travel Diary

instagram story ideas

You bet! Utilizing Instastory by making it your personal travel diary is a great way to establish a consistent connection with your followers. It’s not too much of an effort; switching the video option on and showing them part of your world while traveling is a great way to share experiences and memories with them. It’s also a great way to do any promos or endorsements you may have during your trip. Win-win!

16Event Updates

instagram story ideas

Influencers have the privilege of being invited to a number of events, like product launches, media previews or blogger conventions. Live updates are a great way for keeping your followers in the know; they will feel like they are with you in the event! Take photos or videos of new products, show your followers the various activities during these conventions, or take snippets of you having a good time. Not only did you just give your followers a peek of insider information, you make them feel like you are sharing your influencer perks with them.

There are so many ways you can make the most out of Instagram stories and so many other Instagram story ideas to try! The only true limit is how creative you are willing to be with the platform!This list of Instagram story ideas doesn’t end here. In fact, there are so many other ways you can utilize Instastory! If you have any great ideas that weren’t mentioned, feel free to comment down below! I’d love to hear from you.

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