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Hey! I’m Manuel aka Mr. Digital Nomad. I’m a 28-year old Swiss that has left the motherland to pursue greater things in life—and I regret nothing. Digital marketing has been part of my life for as long as I could remember. Having worked for one of the biggest e-commerce companies in Switzerland, people thought I was naive to even quit, pack my bags, and start an online business. But fast forward to now, here we are. You, reading this page. And me, inspiring you to work for yourself and to make a mark online. If you wish to connect with me and talk life goals, then you are more than welcome to hit me up!



  • Breakfast overload before we start with a super tiring day. But we made it 🙂✋🏼
  • Yummy 😋
  • See how tired we are after testing all the products of 😅 hahahaha joke! We just woke up 😴 And it’s one of my favourite moments of the day to wake up beside this bratty princess 👸🏽✨
  • Feeling grateful 🙂✌🏼
  • It was my first vacation after more than a year. Was stuck in my condo long enough because of my generalised anxiety disorder and on top of that I’m a workaholic.

So yes, it felt really weird at first to be not on my laptop and pushing me to take a break and leave the country for a few days was really hard... but it turned out to be super amazing. 🙂

I really enjoyed Taipei. It’s a lovely city and we didn’t really care much that the weather sucked. 
As long as you are with the person you wanna be with, you will be enjoying it no matter what the circumstances are.

And was able to handle my GAD better than expected. So yes, I’m really happy and excited already for our next trip ❤️ Thanks baba for everything 😙 @renzgwapa__ ✨
  • Not much to say here... but Taipei is definitely a city I could live in. Nice people, good food, everything is affordable, beautiful buildings/temples or whatever that thing on my picture is 😅

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